A Person’s Software Version

You know how software always have a number assigned to it. For instance the current version of Firefox is 3.5.7. So I was sitting here thinking why couldn’t a person have a software version as well. First if you read this Wikipedia article on software versioning you’ll get what I’m getting at sooner. Basically software goes from alpha, beta, release candidate, public release. If you consider the gestation to be the alpha stage (which resets back to 0 when you’re born), 0-10 years old beta, 11-19 years old public releases, and 20+ public releases.

To figure this you need to go to Wolfram|Alpha:

  1. Enter your birthday. Mine is February 18, 1986.
  2. Today being February 4, 2010 that means I’m 23 years, 11 months, 14 days old.
  3. The version number is decade.year.month.day.
  4. So mine would be

You don’t have to use the month or day as the number. Also. You could if you wanted use the decimal of the month so 11/12 = .92 to make my version number 2.3.92.

For example I’ve figured up some famous peoples birthday:

  1. Richard Stallman – Born March 16, 1953 – Ver. 5.6.10
  2. Corey Doctorow – Born July 17, 1971 – Ver. 3.8.6
  3. Randall Munroe – Born  October 17, 1984 – Ver. 2.5.3

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