My dog Chico and how the years go by.

Chico at window

Chico at window

My dog Chico is turning 10 in April so that means using the established 1 human year = 7 dog years that means he’ll be 70 years old. This isn’t totally about Chico I just wanted to introduce the world to my sweet doggy Chico. If you actually knew Chico however you’d know that I’m sarcastic. In actuality he doesn’t like anybody.

The next thing I want to talk about is 1 human year = 7 dog years. Again using my favorite online calculator Wolfram|Alpha we figure out the following:

1 dog year = 1 month 21 days 17 hours 25 minutes 42.86 seconds

1 dog month = 4 days 8 hours 17 minutes 10 seconds

1 dog week = 1 day 5 minutes 2.079 seconds

1 dog day = 3 hours 26 minutes 25.71 seconds

1 dog hour = 8 minutes 36 seconds


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